A total of 18 firearms and more than 2800 round of ammunitions have been surrendered to police at the close of the second Amnesty period in Solomon Islands.


This was confirmed by Police Commissioner Mathew Varkey in a statement.

The second gun Amnesty was launched since 22 May and end Friday midnight (12am) 09 June 2017.

This firearms and ammunitions consist of:

* Two (2) SR88 rifles, likely to be former police weapons stolen in the Tension era;
*One (1) pump action shot gun
*Several .22 calibre bolt action rifles
* Several home made or modified weapons
*Two (2) handguns, including one pistol and one WW II revolver
*Two machine gun frames and barrels from WWII.

“A portion of the rounds of ammunition are old and likely to be from the WWII era, however hundreds of rounds of live and workable ammunition were also surrendered.

“These items are all now safely stored in the custody of the RSIPF.”

Commissioner Varley thanked those who handed in their weapons and the stakeholders who worked alongside police to encourage others to do the same.

Commissioner Varley says, “Our RSIPF officers and SIPPCRA members have conducted dozens of engagement talks and visits to communities and villages right across Solomon Islands. We are grateful for the courage and honesty shown by community groups and leaders who worked with us to progress this Amnesty. We thank those who turned in the guns. Each gun and bullet handed in has made Solomon Islands a safer place.” [/restrict]