Yesterday at the Civic Center, nineteen (19) groups, consisting of non-government organizations, government agencies, and state governments, received grant awards of up to $10k per group to implement programs that support youth development in line with National Youth Policy.  The grant comes from the Republic of China, Taiwan Small Grant program with the theme, “Investing in our Children for the Republic of Palau.” 

President Surangel Whipps Jr., Ambassador Jessica Lee of the Republic of China-Taiwan, and First Lady Valerie Whipps gave special remarks at the ceremony, with President Whipps expressing his appreciation for Taiwan’s “unwavering support.”

The programs approved for funding ranged from health to food security, cultural learning to law enforcement, development through sporting programs, community improvement programs, and all youth-focused.

The 19 local organizations awarded were:

● Angaur State Government: Strengthening and understanding the rich cultural inheritance of Angaur

● Belau National Museum: Teaching the Youth to Identify Native Species of Plants and Birds in Palau

● Belau Wellness Center: Digital Mental Health Youth Survey: Suicide Prevention

● Belias Archery Association: Scaling up Belias Archery Club’s “Youth to Youth Program”

● DeWill a Klengar Foundation: Do You Know What Are You Vaping? Youth Vaping Prevention Study

● Diliwal Inc: Diliwal raised gardens beds improvements and public parks for Ngiwal Youth

● Hatohobei State Government: Building youth ocean and cultural stewardship in Hatohobei State

● Kaishoudan Youth Organization: Developing and enabling environment for the youth of Ngardmau State through community-centered youth-led programs

● Kotel a Deurreng: Promoting optimal nutrition during baby’s first year

● Ngarchelong State Government: Restoring Community Basketball Court-Oketol Dock

● O.N.E. LEEP: Strengthened community awareness and enforcement of seatbelts/car seats usage and elimination of vaping and use of e-cigarettes to enhance the safety and security of the children of Palau

● Palau Animal Welfare Society: Engaging Youth as responsible pet owners: Promoting Healthy pets, healthy people, healthy Palau- (A ulekeruil a charm, ulekeruil a Beluad)

● Palau Behavioral Health Advisory Council: Klemat: The Youth Leadership Initiative

● Palau Community College: Upgrading the Mesekiu Gymnasium’s Flooring

● Palau Media Council: Nurturing Future Journalist: Building capacity in print, TV, and radio journalism for High School Juniors and Seniors in economic development reporting

● Palau Mission Academy: Digital Research and Community Engagement Project

● Peleliu Pride: Networking with Peleliu Elders for Youth Development

● Sons of Sureor: Youth Empowerment and well-being enhanced through outreach and education, using environmental and cultural best practice

● Ucheliaur: 323 Volleyball: Project PASS (Providing Accessible Sports for Success)

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