On Friday, June 3rd, 2022, the Organizing Committee for the 2025 Pacific Mini Games held their first initial meeting with President Surangel Whipps, Jr., with all members of the 2025 Pacific Mini Games Organizing Committee as per the Presidential Directive 22-50, signed on May 13th. At this first meeting, President Whipps reaffirms the important priority work of our facilities improvements to begin next year and to appoint the overall Chair for the Games Committee.   President Whipps welcomed and thanked the members for accepting membership to the committee. He stated that “we can only be successful in our preparation and planning, when we work together, and everyone takes responsibilities of the task at hand.”  President Whipps opened the meeting briefly and tasked the committee to select the Chair for the organizing committee. With President’s blessing, the members nominated, and all unanimously endorsed Dr. Patrick Tellei of Palau Community College to Chair the games organizing committee. Dr. Tellei accepted the chairmanship and reaffirmed with everyone that we must all work together to host another great game as what we have set in our past games.

The Organizing Committee is established to ensure that the Republic of Palau is fully organized, and financially prepared to host the 2025 Pacific Mini Games and do so in accordance with the Pacific Games Council Regulations for holding Pacific Mini Games.

The 2025 Pacific Mini Games Organizing Committee is composed of the following individuals’ members and/or Representatives from various national government offices, semi government agencies, NGOs, and Council of Chiefs. This first initial meeting was attended by His Excellency President Surangel Whipps, Jr.,  Council of Chiefs representative Chief Redechor Isimang Bandarii, Jr., Senator Kazuki Sungino representing Senate, Delegate Yutaka Gibbons, Jr., representing House of Delegates,  Governor Richard Ngiraked representing Governors Association,  President Dr. Patrick Tellei of PCC, Director Raynold Mechol, Bureau of Education-MOE, Andrea Uchel  representing the Office of the Governor of Koror State Government, Director Brian Melairei of the Bureau of Public Works, MPII, Director Ismael Aguon, Bureau of Public Safety MOJ, Olkeriil Kazuo representing Ministry Finance, Babeldaob Rengiil representing Ministry of State, Heflin Bai representing PNCC, Anthony Rudimch representing PPUC, Norma Etibek and Ayumu Takada representing MHRCTD and Palau Visitor’s Authority, Kaipo Recheiungel representing Palau Chamber of Commers, and  Palau National Olympic Committee President Frank Kyota,  Vice President Temmy Shmull,  Secretary General Baklai Temengil, and Isabel Goodall, Administration Management  staff from Palau NOC.

The offered 2025 sports are Athletics, Archery, Swimming, Basketball 3×3, Beach and Indoor Volleyball, Judo, Canoe, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Baseball, Softball, Wrestling. Tennis and Weightlifting were not in the bid but are proposed to be included the sports program. The proposed date of the Games is between June to July 2025.

The organizing committee extends appreciation to President Whipps, Jr., Council of Chiefs, Olbiil era Kelulau, Governors Association, all semi government, civil societies, businesses, and key partners in the community for their full support as we all work together to prepare Palau to host the Pacific Mini Games in 2025. For more information about the games, please contact Palau NOC Office at 488-6562 and talk to Isabel Goodall and/or Secretary General Baklai Temengil-Chilton. The next meeting for the Organizing Committee is set for Thursday 7th of July.

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