20 -year old Regina IV, Angaur State Boat, was lifted onto the Surangel Barge yesterday and will be towed by SCC Ksau to Cebu, Philippines, tomorrow.  Once in Cebu, Regina IV will undergo a complete overhaul within 90 days.


The estimated cost of the overhaul is $500,000.00 which will give Regina IV another 20-year life.  The voyage to Cebu costs $70,000.00 and according to Governor Marvin Ngirutang,  Surangel & Sons has given them 50% off the cost of the voyage.  The money saved will be used to buy two new outboard motors for the State’s smaller sea craft.

The fund for overhaul was secured by the State’s Delegate Mario S. Gulibert through the Olbiil Era Kelulau, according to Angaur State press release.

The voyage will take 4-5 days depending on the weather condition.  Once complete she will voyage on her own back to Palau.

“The Government and the People of the State of Angaur wishes to recognize and thank Surangel & Sons for their great generosity and also to Mr. Aric Nakamura of Belau Transfer and Terminal Company for waiving the fees for using the Malakal Sea Port to load Regina IV,” stated Gov. Ngirutang.

“I am really appreciative of this public/private partnership effort for public good. It is an example of what public diplomacy can do for small state like Angaur.” says Governor Ngirutang.

Present to send off Regina IV at the Surangel Dock in Airai today were Honorary Citizen of Angaur Rekemesik Surangel Whipps, Sr., Ucherbelau Lorenzo Edward, Delegate Mario S. Gulibert, Governor Marvin Ngirutang, and the Angaur Transportation Department Head Vance Basilius, Doktang Akitaya, and other members. [/restrict]