Two hundred (200) giant clam seedlings were planted in an Airai State Clam City Project at an offshore location in Airai State.

The project is a partnership program of Palau Visitors Authority with Airai State Governor Tmewang Rengulbai, Airai State Rangers, Palau Community Action Agency (PCAA), and the Bureau of Marine Resources.

The project is intended to promote sectoral collaboration to create conservation for community tourism concept where tourism impact to natural, cultural and social-economic environment of Airai State are mitigated through sustainable management of natural resources for the common good, while satisfying the requirement of local communities whom have lived off the land and depended on it for their traditions.

The event, organized by PVA, included local communities. PCAA arranged for 16 children and their parents from the Airai Head Start center to participate in the clam planting.  There were 10 volunteers from PCAA/Head Start including PCAA Director Kelsey Bohman, PVA Managing Director Stephanie Nakamura, Operations and Program Director Kadoi Ruluked, State & Community Manager Katarina Mad and PVA staff, five Airai State Government Rangers Ransel Skilang, Harold Kosam Mongami, Victor Tyson Philip, Raynald Kanai, Whitney Ngirmekur, Sheldon Rengulbai, BMR Supervisor Lawrence Sumor and staff Devon Ongerung and 2 members of the Civic Action Team that together made this mission a success.

The PCAA Board of Directors, Head Start Policy Council, and PCAA/Head Start staff and teachers were grateful for the opportunity to involve the children and families from Head Start in activities like this.

Palau Visitors Authority’s Board of Directors, Management and Staff, expressed their gratitude to the Office of the President, Republic of Palau and the government of India for their financial support in this conservation activity.

PVA also expressed appreciations to agencies that took part in this project including Dolphin’s Pacific for donating life jackets for the children & Nature Grace Resort for their use of their boats.