L-R, front: Omkar Takeo, Lancaster Tebelak, Myra Mayer, Leila Antonio Back: Burton Wong, Morgan Mutok, Director Gabriel, Erur Francisco, National Surveyor Mamato, Principal BedebiiChiokai, Aloisa J. Markub, AlsenRdang, Principal Smyth Rdang

Luncheon & Awarding of Certificates to celebrate conclusion of BLS Year 2019 Activity, “Surveyors Find Initiative.”in line with the Year Theme “Innovative Learning &Excellence,”the Initiative seeks to identify potential candidates to be Palau Future Registered Land Surveyors. Implemented in phases, the final phase was a 20 hours Mini Training conducted by BLS and its employees in partnership with Palau High School (PHS) and Belau Modekngei High School (BMHS).  5 PHS, 2 BMHS students, 2 BLS surveyors were awarded.