Themed: “A Rengeask a Klisichel a Olechotel Belau er Kid”

By: L.N. Reklai

October 23, 2016 (Ngiwal) 2016 Olechotel Belau Fair and United Nations Day event at the Imekang Dock, Ngiwal State, was packed with people from every State of the Republic of Palau as well as representatives of different countries celebrating the day together.


Parade of nations led by representatives of the 16 States of the Republic of Palau in their traditional garbs, showcased the individual colors of their States with pride.  Each State had a male and female representative and the vivid colors of their traditional wear stood out.

Other countries followed with representatives from neighboring Micronesian islands as well as South Pacific islands.  United States of America was led by the Civic Action Team marching with American flag.  Other countries include Japan, Republic of China, Denmark, Israel and others.

The entire area was filled with tents of the 16 States as well as many private NGOs, businesses and schools promoting their programs, selling food and products.

Despite stifling heat, the festive air continued with performances of dances, songs, and chants.  Food tasting, traditional crafts as well as marine by-products were showcased.

Themed “A Rengeask a Klisichel a Olechotel a Belau er Kid”, the essays and many of the performances featured young people.

The hosting State of Ngiwal had their officials, Governor Ellender Ngirameketii and the High Chief Uong Paulus Wong welcomed all the officials and the people of Palau to their State.

The preparation level was clearly evident with a police booth at the entrance to the site and medical team next door on standby. The 2016 OBF celebration successfully concluded in early evening without any major incident. [/restrict]