By: L.N. Reklai

Total of 36 teams signed up for the 2017 Palau Sports Fishing Annual Fishing Derby, the 10th Eptison Cup.  The 36 teams signed up for seven categories, Yellow Fin, Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Barracuda Spanish, Ladies Bottom , GT-Catch N’Release and JR Angler.


Leading the Yellow Fin category was team Kosui, captained by Barrett Ridep with top weight catch of 86 lbs. followed by team Melairei captained by Brian Melairei with 68 lbs. Third place went to team Etang Express captained by Elia Yobech with weight of 61.5lbs.

Blue Marlin category was caught by team Real Treat captained by Rinsang weighting at 382lbs.  Second place went to team OASIS captained by Jay Okada weighting at 200lbs. followed by team Early Boys captained by Keobel Sakuma who came in with 186lbs.

Wahoo category had one entry, team Etang Express captained by Elia Yobech at 21.5lbs.

Barracuda Spanish winner was team Ebosech captained by Jonathan Eberdong weighing in at 59lbs. followed by team Misaker captained by Techeboet with weight at 35 lbs.  Third place was won by tear Erker captained by Richard Eberdong weighing at 33 lbs.

Team Mokko captained by M. Ichikawa won the Ladies Bottom with total weight of 44lbs. followed closely by team Aurora captained by Mike Blesam weighing at 30.5lbs. Team Mildangch captianed by Ben Idesman snagged 3rd place with 16lbs.

GT-Catch N’Release first place went to team Plug In captained by Takashi Miura with top weight of 39 lbs. followed by team NONBE captained by Yoshio Hari weighing at 33.13 lbs. Team Island Seed Ltd. grabbed 3rd place with top weight at 32.13 lbs. captained by Gordon Iwetechong.

Winning the JR Angler first place was team Brandon Blesam at 12.9 lbs. followed by Charlie Gibbons with 6.16 lbs and 3rd place going to Rechelulk Madracheluib with 5.6 lbs. [/restrict]