This week, President Remengesau will declare 2017 as ‘The Year of the Family” to focus on the importance of strengthening and promoting unity, solidarity and stability of the   family as the basic unit of the society. [/restrict]

The Office of the President announced that on Thursday, Jan. 26, Remengesau would sign a proclamation designating this year as Year of the Family.

On Jan. 26, Remengesau will also lead 2017 New Year  Sunrise Prayer for the nation.

In an interview, the president said the government is planning to implement programs and activities in observance of the year of the family.

In his inaugural speech last week, Remengesau announced that his government would direct development efforts in strengthening families.

“At the end of the day, maintaining a caring government requires that we sustain and strengthen our primary institution, the family “telungalek”, which has always provided a stable environment and support for raising happy and healthy children. That is why I will be declaring 2017 as the Year of the Family. Only upon a foundation of strong families and communities, can we build a bold vision for the next four years and beyond,” Remengesau said in his inaugural speech.

The president said policy efforts would consider impacts to families and the most vulnerable.  He added that grants will also be made available for development projects geared towards the strengthening of families.

“Within the supportive environment of family, we must always be ready to explore new and creative ways to provide better and stronger programs and services. In doing so, we must exercise patience and respect in order to better understand our options, build consensus and mobilize support for the best way forward. Meaningful change takes time and we must make every effort to consider the impact of policy actions especially on the family and the most vulnerable,” he said. [/restrict]