The annual Amateur Basketball League commenced on Monday, February 20th  with an opening ceremony, and is expected to conclude in May 2018. The games will be played Monday to Friday, with games starting at 7 PM and 8:30 PM at the Palau National Gym. The Amateur Basketball League will determine the top six teams that will make it to the National Basketball League, which is the highest form of basketball in Palau. [restrict]

There is a total of 15 teams: Surangel Kings (Hot Wheels), PCC Mesekiu, PDA, Lawmen, Team Ngeremlengui, 4X4 Wheelers, Hanpa Cardinals, Ngermid Originals, Ngarchelong Blue Shark, Topside On Fire, MEDA BOYZ, Peched Raw, Ksau’s Warriors, Nationals, and Breakers. This is a tobacco, alcohol, and drug free program and all violaters will be banned from participating.

The opening ceremony introduced all 15 teams, a check presented by the league’s main sponsor: IP&E, and concluded with an exhibition match of the 2017 National Basketball League Finalists: MARE versus Ngermid Rivals. Rivals won, 106 to 99. Rivals’ top scorers were King Ngiraboi, 37 points; Ray Rumong, 35 points; and Masao Umedip, 16 points. As for Mare, their top scorers were Derrick Faustino, 28 points; Willard Marcello, 25 points; and Ryu Richard, 16 points.  [/restrict]