The Tongan community in New Zealand hopes to send six containers of supplies to victims of Cyclone Gita in Tonga this weekend.
The head of the Tonga Advisory Council, Melino Maka, said it would require a massive relief effort to get the country back back on its feet and support vulnerable communities which are suffering right now.

Most homes are damaged due to flooding and some families are drying their furniture while the sun is out — at Ma’ufanga.
Mr Maka said Matsons Shipping had donated the containers and the Hahake Cyclone Gita Relief Group was asking Tongan families in New Zealand with relatives in the Hahake, or eastern districts of Tongatapu, to fill them with non perishable food and water.
Mr Maka said they used a ‘family to family’ distribution model.
“And we allow each family to have one 44 gallon drum and all the contents in the 44 gallon drum are mainly non perishable food items.
“If there is more than one family in a house we allow two drums in that house. But it is a model that we use all the time and it works effectively.” he explained. RNZ [/restrict]