The Belau Youth Games Festival included both Freestyle and Beach Wrestling (Klaibedechakl) Competitions.

On Friday, July 24, 2020, the Freestyle Competition took place at the Maris Stella Auditorium. Ebelbal Lutupeni Tarkong placed first in a double elimination match against Manny Marino in the 42kg weight class for the Young Boys and Girls Division. Both wrestlers fought hard and did exceptionally well. Other matches included Myles Remoket who placed 1st over Limei Orukei in the School Boys / Girls lighter division while Uilau Ilebrang Tarkong claimed 1st place over her opponent Uiliperefoti Cooper in the heaver weight division.

On Saturday, July 25, 2020, the Beach Wrestling Competition (Klaibedechakl) took place at Long Island and was exciting to watch despite the low turnout. In the Cadet Boys / Girls Division the athletes showed their best results in a double elimination match with Uilau Ilebrang Tarkong defeating her opponent, training partner and cousin Uiliperefoti Cooper in the finals. Uilau placed 1st after a tough match against Uiliperefoti who placed 2nd after defeating Faamanusina cooper (3rd place). In the anticipated title match of the day for the Senior Mens Open Division, John Tarkong Jr. placed 1st in the finals after struggling a win over the younger and stronger opponent Christopher Kitalong who 2nd place. Kitalong was able to defeat Skarlee Renguul after Renguul gave it his all but lost by 1 point. Renguul later placed 3rd in the tournament after defeating IJ Falig Aguon who placed 4th place. On behalf of Belau Wrestling Federation, we are most grateful to our athletes, volunteers, family and the organizers for the opportunity to have wrestling in the Belau Youth Games despite the low turnout of athletes and other summer activities taking place.

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