For Earth Week 2020, Palau Pledge issued a challenge to students to articulate how they felt about protecting Palau’s environment and our culture. Students were encouraged to submit a drawing, letter, video (meme/Gif) depicting their desire and understanding of protecting the environment and our culture. Two divisions of students are 1st – 5th grade, and 6th – 12th grade. Thank you to all students who participated and to the parents and teachers for helping the students submit their entries.

Prizes are 1st place – $250.00, 2nd place – $100.00 and 3rd place – $50.00.  Winners are as follows:

In the 1st – 5th grade division

1st place –Jaco Cruz, 2nd Grade KES

2nd place –Tem Gibbons, 3rd Grade MSS

3rd place – Raynalynne Tadao, 2nd Grade KES

In the 6th – 12th grade division

1st place – Rebbecah Fagolur, 6th Grade KES

2nd Place – Dara Sikyang, 6th Grade, KES

3rd Place – Rhuetei Mutsuo, 10th Grade MHS

Look out for new Palau Pledge Challenge in the months to come and enter. We encourage students to join.

Thank you to our judges, ElseiTellei of PICRC/PNMS, Ysikl Yano of PVA and Landisang Kotaro of House of Delegates.