On April 21, the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) received a generous donation of $2,200 from Mr. Kamani Kuala’au, on behalf of Atalanta Sosnoff Capital Corporation. The generous donation will help support the Center’s operations, in particular research and educational efforts.

Founded in 1981, Atalanta Sosnoff is a corporation based in New York dedicated to providing investment management services to government, corporate, non-profit, and individual clients throughout Palau, Micronesia and the United States. “I have respectfully enjoyed Palau’s natural beauty and the many friendships I have made in Palau during my travels over the past 15 years,” stated Mr. Kuala’au, “I wish to continue supporting PICRC’s efforts to preserve these treasures for future generations,” he added.

“We understand the hardships that families, businesses, and countries are facing during these challenging times.  In spite of all the difficulties and uncertainties, Atalanta Sosnoff has decided to donate to help the Center.  This donation will help ensure that the Center’s work can continue, especially at this time.  We thank Atalanta Sosnoff for their generosity and support to the Center,” stated PICRC CEO, Yimnang Golbuu.