On February 22 Wednesday, the Belau National Games tournament directors and States Teams representatives had a meeting together to provide updates and planning progress for the upcoming Belau National Game, scheduled for June 30th to July 9th.  To date, all the States have confirmed their intentions and plans to participate in the Games which offers 18 sports events during the 10days period of the national games.   The Belau National Games meeting took place at PCC Temekai Conference room, with an Agenda and discussions on  sports confirmation deadlines, schedule, athletes registration deadlines, facilities updates and upcoming trainings through Palau NOC education sports programs for coaches, officials, sports administrators and volunteers.  This year Belau Games will also bring in about 1700 athletes to represent all the 16 States in the following sports events of Archery, Athletics, Baseball, Basketball 3×3, Basketball 5side, Beach Volleyball, Canoe, Judo, Micro All Around, Soccer Football, Spearfishing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, Weightlifting, and Wresting.

Alongside the Belau National Games meeting with States representatives and sports tournament directors, the Palau National Olympic Committee also announced to the States that tryouts and registering to join the Micronesian Games Team is still open to anyone.  All States were asked to invite athletes in their States and anyone who is interested to tryout for Team Palau to the Micronesian Games can stop by at the Palau NOC Office and register his/her name and get more information about tryouts and selection process of the national teams.  Tryouts are open for all sports, especially on the sports of Spearfishing, Micro All around, Wrestling, Table Tennis, Softball Women, Canoe men and women, weightlifting, Track running and field events, volleyball (beach and indoor), and  basketball 3×3 and 5sides.   If you are or if anyone is interested to join Team Palau to the 2023 Micronesian Games in the Marshall Islands and/or about Belau National Games, please stop by at the Palau NOC Office or call Marcy Andrew at 488-6562.

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