After a stormy night, the rain and wind cleared just in time for the Palau Aquatics’ 2023 edition of the Palau Open Water Championship kick-off. Fifty-one (51) swimmers and thirty (30) volunteers participated in the Championship hosted by Palau Pacific Resort (PPR) and co-sponsored by the Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC), Koror State, the Ministry of Health and Human Services, Palau Shipping, and Kramer’s Restaurant.

The event also doubled as Leg 3 of the Palau Open Water Grand Prix. The Grand Prix consists of three open water swims starting with the Eptison Cup (April 29th), the Lionfish Challenge (May 19th), and concluding at the PPR. To qualify for Grand Prix awards, swimmers must swim the same distance in all three events.

Winners of the PPR Swim and the 2023 Grand Prix were Jion Hosei (M) in 5 kilometers and Emi Yonezawa (F), also in the 5 kilometers.  In the 3 kilometers category, Kazuumi Nestor (M) and Galyah Mikel (F) held the top in the male and female categories.  In the 1500 meters, Momota Oiterong (M) and Oya Kana (F) were the winners.  Hidetaka Sadmori (M) won the 500 meters in the men’s category, and Mizuki Sadamori won the female category in the 500 meters.

For the PPR Championship, a 250-meter event was added to cater to young swimmers. This event, which did not qualify for a Grand Prix award, was won by Caleb Wedge and Lica Kato.

Palau Aquatics Federation thanks all the participants, the volunteers, and the sponsors, without whom the event would not be possible. “We look forward to seeing more great swims from both of you in the future!

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