The venue of the 20th Micronesian Presidents’ Summit is now being proposed for Palau, reported President Tommy E. Remengesau Jr. during a meeting with State and traditional leaders.
Nauru is the Chair of the 20th MPS and was set to be the venue of this year’s Summit. The event was scheduled for middle of this year but due to COVID-19 pandemic was pushed back.
Because the Micronesian countries that are members of the MPS are all COVID-free, according to Remengesau, they wanted to have an in-place meeting, possibly in Nauru.
Remengesau reported that in recent discussions, the leaders of the other Micronesian countries proposed to hold the meeting in Palau again, in October, either before Palau Independence Day or after.
Announcing the news to the States and Traditional leaders, President Remengesau said that the rest of Micronesian leaders want to join Palau in the celebration of its Independence and while here, hold the 20th Micronesian Presidents’ Summit.
Palau hosted the 19th MPS with Remengesau becoming the Chair of the 19th MPS in February 2019. During the 19th MPS, Kiribati and Nauru attended MPS for the first time as permanent members.
Remengesau said at that Summit, “With our new members…the MPS now has the majority of the [Small Island States] within the larger [Pacific Island Forum]…this summit has therefore taken on greater importance for our Micronesian people and our Micronesian region. Together, we must demand a stronger voice in regional planning and negotiations….”

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