Twenty-one (21) candidates have filed to run 15 legislature seats in the 9th Airai State Government in the upcoming election on March 7, 2022.

Eleven (11) candidates are vying for the 9 at-large seats while 10 are jostling for 6 hamlet seats.  The At-large candidates include Ralph Kanai, Dennis Renguul, Helena Rois Yoichi Arurang, Stephanie Ngirchoimei, Sherman Daniel, Sano Sakurai, Techur Rengulbai, Leo Ben Teriong, Reagan Sidoi, Dorcas Ngiruchelbad, and Williander Ngotel. 

For the hamlet seats, Ngchesechang hamlet has two candidates, Lalie “Llals” Ikluk and Fabian Iyar.  Each hamlet has one available seat and only one candidate can be voted in.  Oikull hamlet has only one unopposed candidate Richard Rihart Rechirei.  Ordomel has three candidates, Obichang Skebong, Torual Gibbons, and Leticia Sicat-Leidech.  Ngerusar and Ngeruluobel have unopposed candidates.  Kimberly Elarionoff, an incumbent representative of Ngerusar is running again unopposed and Clive Tellei also running unopposed in Ngeruluobel.  The sixth hamlet Ngetkib has two candidates, Ongerangel “Punz” Imetengel and Bausoch Giramur.

The winners of the January gubernatorial primary, Collins Takeo and Norman Ngiratecheboet are on the ballot for the Office of the Governor this 9th Airai General Election.

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