The Canoe Association of Palau members and all paddlers will host the 22nd Annual Micro Cup,  an outrigger canoe race here in Koror Palau from October 21-23, 2022. The Micro Cup has been postponed since 2020 due to Covid 19-pandemic, and this year Palau will host the event.

The Micro Cup will bring paddlers from Guam and Saipan this year, including Palau Teams.  So far to date, there are two canoe teams from Saipan, and about five to seven canoe teams from Guam. 

A total of about 100plus paddlers to visit Palau during this month. The race events are 500m and 1500m sprints, long-distance race and divisions are men, women and mix teams.   All races will be at Meyuns Ramp with sprints on the 21st and 22nd of October and long-distance on October 23rd.  

The Canoe Association of Palau extend appreciation to all paddlers and partners for making this event possible.  Please join all paddlers and teams during the race at Meyuns Ramp in Koror. 

For more information about the race, please contact the NOC Office at 488-6562/4491 and talk to Marcy Andrew.

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