Briefing with V1 paddlers

The 2022 Micro Cup hosted in Palau during the weekend of October 21-23, 2022 by the Canoe Association of Palau, hosted over 100paddlers from Guam and Saipan for the three days outrigger canoe event.  The first day was on Friday October 21st kicking off with V1 races on the 500m course at Meyuns Ramp venue.  On Saturday October 22nd, a much exciting day for all V1’s finals and V6 races on the 500m course, where paddlers were competing for the best time on the course in the 1500m race with turns and 500m race on the straight away 500m course.

 The last day of the race was on Sunday October 23rd, where long distance races on 10mile and 8mile course had the paddlers all excited to go full on power with great timing as a team to end the three-day outrigger canoe race.  Most of the paddlers have been paddling together the past 22years and very familiar with each team’s strength and power as a team from their respective country. However, when Micro Cup comes to an end, it is all in the One Crew spirit as the paddlers come as Micronesians to share their paddling stories, their techniques and style to continue to improve themselves as paddlers and to plan for the next Micro Cup. 

The paddlers – who most of them also paddled at the 2022 Mini Games in Saipan, are looking forward to see each other again in the 2023 Micronesian Games in RMI and 2023 Pacific Games in Solomon Islands where they will compete again against each other, but other countries around the region.  For the 22 Micro Cup in Palau, the results are very close, but it also confirms that experience paddlers and regular paddlers practicing every day lead in the race. 

The sprints for the V1 results; Saylor from Guam Napu Club 1st place with a time of 2:19:38, followed by 2nd Palau Jave of Belau Kanu Cub time of 2:22:75, and 3rd Guam Napu Club Kyle with a time of 2:23:00, and placing 4th Tyler from Saipan Paddling Club SPC time of 2:45:00.  For the V1 Women results Guam Kiara of Napu Club took 1st place with time of 3:45:00, 2nd place Palau Uroi of Belau Kanu Club with time of 3:48:24, and 3rd place to Guam Mel of Haggan Club with time of 4:33:97 and 4th place to Guam Misako of Tatao Gailade with time of 4:49:58.  

The V6 Races for Women finals: Open Women 1500M 1st Place went to Mariana Outrigger Club with time of 8:50:66, 2nd Place goes to Guam Napu OCC with time of 8:57:72, 3rd place to Palau FaebDori Club with time of 8:59:55 and 4th Place to Guam – Team Haggan with time of 9:13:83. Open Men 1500M Finals Results: Palau Men BMC 1st Place with a time of 7:25:22, 2nd Place to Marianas OC with a time of 7:46:30, 3rd place to Guam – Team Haggan with a time of 7:47:00 and 4th place in the 1500m men sprints goes to Saipan Paddling Club with a time of 7:59:10.  In the 1500m Mix Teams Results:  1st Place to Palau – Kanu Club(BKC) time 7:59:57, 2nd place Guam Napu OCC1 time of 8:22:25, 3rd place Haggan LMS with time of 8:37:81 and 4th place to Palau – FaebDori Team with time of 8:49:6.  In the 500m Sprints Finals Women, the 1st place went to Palau  – FaebDori Team with time 2:37:00, 2nd Place to Marianas OC 2:37:67, 3rd place to Guam Napu OCC- time 2:44:77 and 4th Place with Guam Tatao Gailade – time 2:48:23.  In the Finals Open Men 500M 1st place to Palau – BMC with time of 2:08:14, 2nd place to Marianas OC time of 2:09:16, 3rd place to Guam Team Haggan with time of 2:17:66 and 4th place to Saipan SPC with time of 2:21:16.  In the open mix 500m sprints the final results: 1st place to Palau Kanu Club (BKC) time of 2:15:84, 2nd place to Guam – Haggan LMS time of 2:23:04, 3rd place to Guam – Napu OCC 1 with time 2:25:06 and 4th place to Palau FaebDori with time of 2:40:91.  The last day long distance races time and finals results: MEN LONG DISTANCE:  1st place to Palau BMC time of 1:16:14, 2nd place to Marianas MOC with time of 1:19:34, 3rd place to Guam – Haggan LMS with time of 1:20:34, 4th place to Saipan SPC with time of 1:21:49. WOMEN LONG DISTANCE:  DNF – Guam NAPU OCC time of 1:17:23.  1st Place to Palau FaebDori Team with time of 1:18:07, 2nd place Guam – Team Haggan with time of 1:18:59, 3rd place Marianas MOC with a time of 1:21:39, 4th place Palau – Omelias with a time of 1:22:19. The final race of the 2022 Micro Cup was the MIX LONG DISTANCE with 1st place to Palau –  BKC with time of 42:46:82, 2nd place to Guam Napu OCC  time of 45:07:67, 3rd place to Guam – Haggan LMS with time of 46:07:61, 4th place Guam – Napu OCC2wit a time of 46:54:92 and 5th place to Palau FaebDori team with a time of 48:48:39.  The Canoe Association of Palau congratulate all Teams and also thank our sponsors for making it possible for the 22 Micro Cup to happen in Palau.  Shout out to all outrigger canoe sponsors from Surangel and Sons Company, WCTC, Senate 11th OEK, House of Delegates – CP&D, Koror State Government, Koror State Rangers, Midtown Gas Station, Palau National Olympic Committee, Civic Action Team, The Meyuns Community, the Fire station and EMTs for helping out, all volunteers and officials a “BIG THANK YOU”.  To all paddlers from Guam and Saipan – thank you for visiting our shores and joining the 22 Micro Cup here in Palau. Congratulations to all paddlers from Guam, Saipan and our home team Palau paddlers.  We look forward to the 23rd Micro Cup in Guam next year! Congratulations and thank you One CREW – Paddle Time!  For More information about Outrigger  canoe training and/or join a club contact the Palau NOC Office at 488-6562 or just stop by at the Canoe venue at Meyuns Ramp and talk to any paddlers to join a club.

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