251 foreigners have successfully boarded a series of charter flights arranged by Surangel Worldwide Travel Corporation and have made their way home.

The first charter flight came on Sunday September 13th at 9pm. 189 Chinese and 2 Malaysians boarded the Air Asia plane that was headed to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia then to Hangzhou, China.

Aside from COVID-19 impacting the livelihood of the Chinese living in Palau, others are leaving due to them being on a tourist visa while some are being deported due to their involvement with internet gaming.

The second charter flight came on Monday September 14th. The Air Asia flight came with 2 people on board. One Palauan Student and another working for the government. Then the plane took 60 Filipino‚Äôs back to the Philippines. 

This Thursday a flight from Taiwan will be dropping off patients that were in referral and essential workers.

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