2,587 PCR tests administered in Palau to date with no identified case or suspected case of COVID-19 virus. Palau continues to monitor and screen all incoming passengers, employing the mandatory quarantine and testing protocols, according to update from the Ministry of Health.
Since January 23 when COVID-19 virus was first reported, Palau had screened 188 flights, 79 vessels and 15,552 travelers.
Regular commercial flights remain suspended and only mail and cargo flights continue on chartered basis.
Work to establish essential air services to and from Palau by September 1st was mandated through an Executive Order but the rising and re-emerging cases in many countries around the world and strict quarantine requirements in Palau, is making the establishment of essential air service difficult.
Palau remains COVID-free and therefore have much greater freedom of movement and active local economy as result.
Elsewhere in the world, 180 countries have reported COVID-19 virus infections. As of yesterday, over 43 million confirmed cases in world have been reported. Of that, over 29 million have recovered and over 1 million have died.
In the Pacific, Guam had reported 4,418 positive cases and 77 deaths. CNMI had 92 reported cases and 2 deaths while Hawaii has had 14,709 cases, French Polynesia had 6,431, Fiji with 33 and Papua New Guinea has 588 cases.
On Wednesday, Marshall Islands reported their first 2 border cases. These were caught and contained at quarantine and are said to be of no danger to the community due to their isolation.

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