27th Police Academy Commencement Exercise

The Palau 27th Police Academy graduated 35 cadets yesterday, receiving their certificates of completion and taking their oaths of affirmations. For the first time at the Police Academy, a third of the cadets were young women, and 3 of the women received high honors and highest academic awards.

Out of 35 participants, 30 already have positions in various law enforcement agencies including state rangers, immigration officers, public safety, customs, and Palau Supreme Court. Only five were civilians.

Parents of Cadets witnessing the 27th Police Academy Graduation

“You are our only line of defense,” stated Minister of Justice and Vice President J. Uduch Sengebau-Senior, commending the cadets for their dedication to the calling of law enforcement officers.

Considering the difficulty of their jobs, President Whipps said that salary increases for law enforcement officers as well as other service providers such as nurses and teachers should be considered.

At the commencement, three acting chiefs of the Ministry of Justice were sworn in by President Whipps to take positions as chiefs of their divisions. Lt. Kenny Sengebau was sworn in as the new Chief of Division of Transnational Crime. Ms. Sanya Olkeriil was sworn in as the new chief of the Division of Juvenile Justice, while Temedik Ngireblekuu was sworn in as the new chief of Maritime Security and Fish & Wildlife Protection. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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