Three candidates for the seat of Governor of Ngaraard State, filed their petition yesterday, the deadline for filing for the upcoming Ngaraard State general election.  The candidates include incumbent Governor Benjamin Iskawa, former governor Isaac Bai and John Mengidab, gubernatorial candidate at the last general election. 

None of the 3 candidates are new to the race for governorship nor to the election process in Ngaraard State.  Two of the candidates, Isaac Bai and John Mengidab are both from Choll hamlet while Iskawa is from Ngebuked. 

Ngaraard State 11th General Election will be held in November of this year. 

Meanwhile, Koror State gubernatorial race is slowly picking up with campaigns signs starting to go up with week.  So far, candidates incumbent Governor Franco Gibbons and Legislator Jennifer Gibbons have posted campaign signs on the roads.

With five candidates for governor, there will be a primary election in September, according to the new law that passed by Legislature override.

Koror State general election is also slated for November of this year.

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