SUVA, 03 APRIL 2017 (FIJI SUN) — Three hundred more nurses will be recruited for hospitals and health centres in Fiji.

They will help reduce the shortage of nurses.

Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar said: “The recruitment process is underway to hire approximately 300 recent nursing graduates from institutions in Fiji to fill intern nursing positions in the nation’s health facilities.

“$3.51 million (US$1.68 million) allocated in the 2016-2017 National Budget, is dedicated to fund the recruitment and hiring of the new nurses in Fiji.


“The recruitment programme will target nursing graduates from Fiji National University (FNU) and the Sangam Institute of Nursing (TISI) who have completed their registration exams and the Ministry for Health and Medical Services orientation programme.”

Akbar stressed the importance of meeting frontline staffing requirements to ensure access to high-quality healthcare for the Fijian people.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services aims to have another review before 2018 in which they want to see good patients-to-nurse ratio and they want to bring the number up by 40 nurses per 10,000.

Previously Fiji had 22, but this number has grown to 38 nurses per 10,000 per patients.

“Our nurses are some of the first faces patients see when seeking medical assistance.

“They are caregivers, decision-makers and are absolutely vital to the process of determining and addressing our patients’ needs,” she said.

Akbar said these newly hired nursing interns were going to be sent to facilities where they were needed most, and would immediately start improving the quality and level of access of healthcare for the Fijian people.

“Therefore, it is critical that these young professionals provide high-quality services to all Fijians in need of assistance,” she said.

Akbar said the commitment had been undertaken by the Fijian Government to hire 1000 new nurses in Fiji’s health sector.

“These new recruits will work towards meeting a commitment made by my Ministry to give our hospitals the human resources they need to do the best job possible, and this marks a major step in making that a reality everywhere in Fiji.”

Akbar also highlighted the importance of hiring nurses from local institutions.

“We are very pleased to help meet our staffing requirements with young professionals who have completed their studies in Fiji,” she said.

Akbar said in the short-term, these young professionals would bring with the ministry an understanding of Fijian society that would be indispensable in delivering positive health outcomes.

“Over the long-term, as they continue in their careers, our health sector will have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon that will bring benefits for many generations to come,” she said….PACNEWS [/restrict]