With a total of 1,179 registered voters, Ngarchelong ranks as the 4th highest state in Palau with the most registered voters. However, according to the un-official results provided by the Palau Election Commission, 456 voters casted their votes for the 19thNgarchelong Legislature equaling to 38%.
Ngarchelong legislature members are elected to serve a 2-year term. In this election, the incumbent legislators got favorable results.
In Olleihamlet, out86 votes cast and Abraham Osima received 83. There were 2 write-ins with 1 vote going to Edward Tadao and 2 going to Valentino Kloulechad. The hamlet actually has 261 registered voters.
In Ngermetong, the hamlet has 87 total registered voters, but only 33 casted their vote. Brynn ElilaiDemei got the majority with 30 votes. Jason Ngiratrang got 1 write-in vote and 2 ballots were left blank.
InNgerbau, Dwight Ngiraibai got 38 votes out of 40 casted votes. There were 2 write-ins’, 1 going to Damara Donald and the other going to Darwin Mista. Ngerbau has a total of 132 registered voters.
While in Iebukel, 53 votes were casted out of 131. Ngirablau J. Sambal got 28 votes while Kenneth A. West got 25 votes. There were no write-ins for the hamlet.
13 out of 27 casted their votes for Ngeungel hamlet, running unopposed and with no write-ins’, Dorothy Tadao Ueda got 12 votes while 1 of the ballots were blank.
In Mengellakl there are a total of 304 registered voters, however only a 119 casted their vote. YoheiMerur got 82 votes while Thelma N.A. Gaymann got 37 votes.
Then there isNgriil with a total of 109 registered voters, but only 70 casted their votes. 45 went to Dwight Ngiraibai while Hirohito Renguul got 25.
The absentee ballots were not included with the results. They have been sent out and the final results should come out by September 1st.

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