What position do we want our society to be in post-2020 in a Covid-19 world? On Tuesday, August 18th at Ngarachamayong Cultural Center, the 3rd National Environment Symposium (NES) will address this question. With a theme of “New Opportunities for a Resilient Palau”, the 3rd NES will offer a national platform to talk about opportunities and methods for strengthening Palau’s economy and sustainable practices in light of Covid-19 and its impacts on Palau’s security. The Symposium will also highlight ways Palauans can build resilience at different community levels (i.e., national, state and household).
Organized around three spheres of security (Economy, Food, and Energy), the Symposium will offer presentations and moderated discussions on issues in each sphere: 1) what is working – successful or resilient examples; 2) what is not working – challenges and gaps; and 3) recommendations for short-term opportunities to accelerate strengthening security and building resilience in Palau. The August 18th Symposium will go from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.
The symposium is organized by the National Environmental Protection Council (NEPC) in collaboration with the Palau Conservation Consortium. Content for each sphere is being developed by volunteer Sphere Working Groups. For inquiries, please contact the 3rd NES Planning Group at palau.nepc@gmail.com.

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