Around 40 children joined the wrestling and Judo program hosted by the Ngarchelong State and the Organizing Committee on July 4.

Participants had the chance to learn and take part in practice sessions and fun activities that helped them understand and learn new skills through sports.

The activities included warm up/stretching, running and some crossfit exercises held at the Ngarchelong Elementary School field.

Then kids learned form/stance, drills, games and even took part in a few wrestling and judo matches.

Wrestling instructor John Tarkong Jr., Wrestling National Coach and former 2004 Olympian and as well as two of Palau’s Wrestling Olympic Scholarship recipients, Blesam Tarkong and Cristian Etpison Nicolescu, had assisted in the conduct of the program. Both athletes will be competing in the upcoming Micronesian Games this month and are currently preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

The judo program was held by Sensei Ismael Aguon and a few of his young promising athletes.

Aguon emphasized the importance of respect and mat discipline or etiquette when on the mat. (PR)