Forty-six (46) candidates have filed their petitions to run for the 17 seats in the Koror State Legislature in the upcoming 12th General Election of Koror State.  There are a total of 17 candidates vying for 5 seats At-Large and 30 vying for 12 hamlet seats.

Each of the 12 hamlets has at least 2 people vying for the one seat available for each hamlet.  Ngerchemai, Ngerbeched, and Meyuns are the only hamlets with more than 2 candidates each, with Ngerbeched having 5 candidates, Medalaii with 4, and Ngerchemai with 3. 

Out of 30 candidates for the legislature, 6 are women and 24 or 80% are men.  Men continue to dominate the race for public offices.

Koror State primary election for the Office of Governor held on September 28th, reduced the list of candidates from 5 to 2.  The first and only female candidate for the Office of Governor of Koror State lost the primary with 2 other male candidates.  The final two male candidates who make it to the General Election ballot, are Alan T. Marbou and Eyos Rudimch.

The 12th General Election of Koror State will take place next month, 2nd Tuesday of November.

Koror State Government, the second-largest public entity in Palau with a nearly $10 million annual budget is faced with challenges in the coming year as a result of the COVId-19 pandemic. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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