On Saturday, June 20, 2020, Ucheliaur President Andrea V. Naivana along with members of the youth delivered five-gallon, non-electric water dispensers to the households of Angaur. In total, forty-five water dispensers were distributed to all forty-five occupied households. Furthermore, two electric water dispensers were delivered. First to the Principal of Angaur Elementary School to be later delivered to Angaur Elementary School for their use and second to the Angaur State Multi-Purpose Center for public use.

In addition to occasional water droughts, Angaur State continues to experience technical difficulties with the water system, resulting in the tap water not being suitable for consumption. As a means of ensuring that all citizens are equipped to face these challenges, Ucheliaur solicited for donation/equipment from several private and public institutions and individuals.

This youth-led initiative was generously funded by the Delegate of Peleliu State, Jonathan “Cio” Isechal and Olkeriil Kazuo. Their combined contributions were worth more than two-hundred thousand dollars. We offer them our sincerest thanks for their dedication to the youth and for their willingness to lend a helping hand to our community. Kom kmal mesaul.

Ucheliaur and the youth of Angaur are dedicated to the well-being of our community and will continue to lead and collaborate in initiatives that focus on improving and bettering our home. We are open to all who share in that mission.

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