God was not completely satisfied with his own creation until He created a woman.  When He created everything including the man, He said, “This is good.” After the woman was made, God declared, “This is very good!”


Every year we usually start with promises to ourselves to improve our lives. We call them, resolutions – a regimen for self-improvement. It’s usually about our eating or not eating, exercising, or money management and more. The list is long! But today, I want to talk about “spousal abuse” and how we learned from our mothers who learned from their mothers and mothers before them… all the way back to Eve to keep our dirty laundry in our closet! We grumble and we shift blame but we do nothing about it.  When we hear about it being done to other women, we look the other way. We say that it’s not our business.

Today, many spouses from all walks of life are still physically abused by their partners. Therefore, we need to talk about it if we want to influence a solution. For the change to come about, we must start on with the abused, not the abuser. When we look the other way, the abuser thinks that his behavior is acceptable. When we confront it, the abuser wakes up to find help to embark on a healthier living.  It has to stop with us as sisters otherwise, it will control our lives and the lives of our children.

The excruciating slap on the face truth is that in a very perverse way being a victim gives us a sense of moral superiority. And, you don’t have to be morally superior or righteous martyr at the cost of your sense of worth.

Many women are so emotionally bruised that in order for them to survive they put on an “Everything is fine!” mask just to make it through the day. However, we must stop pretending that everything is fine. It is NOT!

This is not an easy subject to confront because of fear, but fear immobilizes us. What is not realized is that fear locks the victim in a prison and throws away the key. Of course, our mothers told us not to publicize our dirty laundry but dirty laundry smells! We were taught to endure it supposedly for the sake of the children. The fact is children suffer more when they see their mother battered. Psychologically children believe (without knowing) that they caused the abuse and it’s too much stress on their souls.

Children thrive as human beings when their fathers treat their mothers or vise versa with love and respect.

The shortest verse in the Scripture says that “Jesus wept.” I believe God weeps when mothers and children are battered, neglected, and abused emotionally. He created us in his image that it hurts Him when we allow ourselves to be abused.  Abusers need help and they need us to confront the problem so they can begin to rigorously examine themselves.

Do you make God weep? [/restrict]