The fourth AirAsia charter flight to Manila since Palau’s borders closed repatriated 75 Philippine nationals yesterday afternoon.
Flight AirAsia Z2-8062 took off from Palau International Airport yesterday morning and landed in Manila in the afternoon, carrying all Filipino passengers.
The special charter flight was coordinated by the Philippine Consulate in Koror, Palau, in conjunction with Surangel’s Worldwide Travel Corporation.
Passengers were required to wear face masks and shields while boarding the plane and throughout the flight. Once in Manila, they are undergoing three to five days of quarantine in government-approved facilities.
While the flight could not accommodate transiting passengers due to restrictions with connecting airlines, Philippine Honorary Consul in Koror Eric Ksau Whipps has previously said that he hopes future charter flights through Manila will be able to accommodate passengers moving on to other destinations.
This is the fourth AirAsia repatriation flight to the Philippines since the borders closed in March, with one flight in early August carrying 106 nationals, one in September carrying out 59 nationals, and one in November carrying out 105 nationals. The majority of returning Filipinos had been stranded in Palau following the economic crisis caused by the global pandemic, with many either having completed their work contracts or having lost their jobs to the financial downturn.
The flights have also been carrying relief packages to the Philippines, which, in addition to the high toll which COVID is taking, has suffered the effects of several powerful typhoons in the past couple months. The repatriation flight in November carried an assortment of donations compiled by the Filipino Community of Palau in response to Typhoon Vamco, which caused severe flooding in thousands of homes in Manila and floods and landslides in many other parts of the country, and resulted in the deaths of over one hundred people.

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