Five associate justices were appointed to Palau Supreme Court within the first month of President Surangel Whipps Jr.’s term in office.

President Whipps appointed Senior Judge Honora E. Remengesau Rudimch of the Court of Common Pleas to be Associate Justice of the Trial Division of Palau Supreme Court.

Judge Honora Remengesau-Rudimch has been a Senior Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for the last 14 years.

In his appointment letter, Whipps stated, “Over the course of your career so far you have established your reputation as a fair, efficient and professional judge.  The Judicial Nominating Committee has endorsed you as their top choice and in doing so they cite your exceptional docket management practices.”

In addition to appointing Associate Justice Rudimch, President Whipps also appointed four (4) part-time Associate Justices to the Palau Supreme Court Trial Division.

The four part-time justices are Judge Arthur Barcinas of Guam, Judge Antonio L. Cortes of California, Judge R. Barrie Michelsen of California, and Judge Richard W. Pollak of Hawaii. 

“Thank you for your willingness to serve in the Palau Judiciary, and to share your expertise with our young government…The part-time contributions of regional professionals like you allow us to manage these conflicts, while also providing fresh insight and helpful contributions to our developing legal system,” expressed President Surangel Whipps to the associate justices.

All the justices and associate justices to the Palau Supreme Court are selected by Palau’s Judicial Nominating Committee and submitted with recommendations to the President of the Republic for his/her appointment.

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