The number of new covid cases is dropping slightly while number of deaths are rising based on two weeks’ statistics.  This trend was predicted by experts according to President Surangel Whipps.

Yesterday, MHHS reported the 5th death due to COVId, 13 hospitalizations, 73 new cases, and 2,353 recovered out of the cumulative 3,375 cases to date.

Yesterday, there were rumors of 2 more COVId deaths but there were no reports of such from the Ministry of Health and Human Services.

Minister Gaafar Uherbelau of MHHS reported at the Wednesday press conference that announcements of COVID deaths can’t be released right away. The family of the deceased need to be informed first and the hospital needs to go through the process to determine the exact cause of death and these take time.

So far, based on records of hospitalizations for COVID, 12 of the 46 total admitted, were admitted for COVID while the rest were admitted for other causes and were tested positive for CoVId.

None of those admitted are below 25 years of age, said Minister Uherbelau emphasizing that young people are more resilient and are not too severely affected by COVID, and more so if vaccinated.  Young people with underlying conditions are exceptions to this.

16 doctors from the United States are expected next week in Palau to help the Ministry of Health & Human Services cope with the predicted increase in more severe cases at this stage of the COVID wave, reported Minister Uherbelau this week.

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