From May 31st through June 1st, the Bureau of Marine Resources (BMR) established five giant clam farms along the coast of Kayangel State to support the efforts of the Northern Reef Fisheries Cooperative.  Each of the five farmers was given 1,000 Hippopus hippopus, commonly known as Duadeb or Bear Paw Giant Clam, at two-years old and approximately 6-10 centimeters in size.  The farmers also received 200 Tridacna derasa, commonly known as Kism or Smooth Giant Clam, at 15-months old and approximately 4 centimeters in size.



A presentation was also provided to the community and farmers on the proper management of giant clam farms.  BMR encourages farmers to conduct routine maintenance by cleaning screens monthly or more frequently, removing predators and collecting dead shells regularly, and taking inventory and reporting monthly to BMR.  It is also important to measure the giant clams quarterly and provide the information to BMR, and if necessary, relocate clams or repair the pen.


BMR hopes these efforts address the drastic decline in giant clams, especially with larger species and mitigates the increasing demand in the market. [/restrict]