During a pandemic, with zero tourists, investment in tourism industry persists betting on the recovery of the industry.  A seven (7) storey, 54 room hotel with eleven (11) valley villas and five (5) semi-submerged lagoon villas and underwater bar was approved for construction at the westernmost end of Malakal, Koror State, the former site of rock quarry by the Palau’s Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB).

The project, under an FIB licensed company Palau Coral Club Company Ltd., submitted their application to EQPB for permit in August of this year with Environmental Assessment (EA) report on how they proposed to mitigate impacts on the environment.

The report from EQPB said that the environmental impacts of the project will be minimal as it is close to public water supply, sewer and power infrastructures and requires minimal environmental disturbance.

Company proposed to reduce its demand on public water system by installing low flow water fixtures and thereby also reducing the volume of waste water generation.  Furthermore, the report says that the developer agreed to foot the bill to enlarge the nearest manhole to accommodate waste water output of the hotel.

 The project’s special feature is said to be its semi-submerged villas which will be constructed in a man-made lagoon, to give guests view of Palau’s underwater.

The project will pay 15% of the cost of the entire project to help minimize impact of the large scale construction on the environment.

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