Source: PCC Facebook page

President Remengesau Jr. has signed the bill 10-61-4 a bill that will ensure that all Palauans, regardless of financial status, have the ability to pursue higher education at Palau Community College. This bill also ensures that this new requirement does not negatively impact PCC’s finances and will include $60,000 to help offset the bill’s cost.

This bill has a very broad eligibility and so no one can say that because of debt or that they are non-eligible for financial aid they will not go to school says President Remengesau Jr.  Palau’s youth are its most valuable treasure. This bill is said that it may help between 65 to 75 students a year studying or planning to study can go to PCC to pursue their education. With this being signed, when a student graduates from PCC and chooses to work in Palau, any company they apply to work too has a pay increase with eligible tax deduction.

All students no matter the financial status will be helped by this grant. It still applies even If a student is denied funding  from all outside sources and has insufficient family contributions, is placed on academic probation and is no longer eligible for funding while he or she attempts to improve his or her grades pursuant to a PCC approved plan, has reached the maximum limit of funding but has not completed his or her degree in a reasonable time frame, or is a high school student is dual-enrolled at PCC.