Attendees at Belau National Museum 65th Anniversary.

Celebration of Belau National Museum 65th anniversary last night also kicked off the 1st day of the many Independence Day activities to come.
The celebration featured a temporary exhibit showcasing the late Dave Ngirailemesang’s artwork of the Presidents of Palau. The museum previewed their 2019 State of the Bird Report along with the promotion of the museum publication called “Ethnobotany of Palau” Volume 1 and 2.
Series of pottery pieces done by the museum’s summer students were showcased as well as the different styles of hand woven baskets.
The event also featured a local string band presenting the music from the ’30 with few selection of music from recent times.
Belau National Museum Board of Trustee member Bernie T. Keldermans said that the museum helps Palauans connect to their history.
“It’s like a window to the past” said Bernie during her speech.
Minister Baklai Temengil also expressed the same sentiment of how the museum is a window to the past she added that the history continues to guide us to the future.
She also expressed how fitting it was to kick start the Independence Day Activities by celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the Belau National Museum.
“It allows us to celebrate our heritage both tangible and intangible.” Said Minister Baklai.
While Minister Faustina Marugg touched on the history of Belau National Museum pioneers and their contribution to today’s success of the museum.
She gave them credit for helping make the Belau National Museum what is today fulfilling its mission. “Belau National Museum’s purpose is to preserve and protect the nation’s cultural heritage through collection, identification, documentation, preservation, interpretation and exhibition of specimens, artifacts and other Palauan cultural property.”
The event was attended by the board members of the museum along with some of Palau’s dignitaries.

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