By: L.N. Reklai

(Koror, Palau)  A signing ceremony to mark the beginning of the $6 million dollar project to renovate and improve Palau Mariculture Demonstration Center Facility will commence this Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

The project, which has been in the pipeline for sometime, is expected to double the size of the current facility, to accommodate expansion of clam hatchery as well as other fish species such as rabbitfish for aquaculture enterprises.


According to President Remengesau, “we cannot continue to fish out our reefs, mangroves and sea without depleting the resources.  We need to develop ways of growing sea food we eat in order to reduce the stress we place on our marine resources.”

“Just as we address agriculture development for our food security, so should we look at aquaculture industry as way to also address our food security and protect our marine resources,” he added.

“This facility will be able to provide more clam seedlings and rabbitfish fries to aquaculture farmers that want to breed and market these products.”

With funds made available through Palau National Development Bank for agriculture and aquaculture development, developing government’s capacity to support such industries is critical component of ensuring food security and developing important industries in Palau.

The Palau Mariculture Demonstration Center Facility Renovation and Improvement Project is funded through grant from the Government of Japan. [/restrict]