Due to schools’ closure and students being required to be schooled from home, Palau’s Ministry of Education conducted a survey from April 1 to 10, 2020, to assess the students’ capacity to access technology and to connect to internet at home.  The data from this survey is said to be “used by MOE and related partner agencies in determining the required services and support for home-school-connection to implement remote learning.”

Of the 2,226 students enrolled in public schools (elementary and high school), surveys of 1,867 were collected, or 84% responded to the survey.

Data collected from the survey showed that 1,073 homes have internet connections, either through HomeNet or DSL connection.  587 access internet through the use of Mobile Data Plan while 78 access through wifi Hot Spots or PT Wave.  129 responders have no access to internet due to various reasons such as lack of HomeNet, DLS, wifi Hot Spot, no cellular service, no cellphones, poor network coverage or did not respond to survey item.

The survey data also showed that 1,715 used cellphones are primary device at home for internet use with data plans.  63 said they had no devices at home to use for internet while 89 said they use laptops, computer desktops, iPads, tablets, or did not respond to the survey item.

According to the report, efforts were made to contact responders to collect further information, clarify and complete surveys.  1,749 cellular numbers were collected.  The ones remaining were left by responders with either “no response” or “none”.

Results of this survey will be used to find ways and means for students to have access internet and capacity to participate in remote learning.