Celebration of the Senior Citizens’ Day today will be held at Ngarachamyong Cultural Center to commemorate Senior Citizens Day.

“One of the effects of this COVID-19 is loneliness.  Our senior citizens are the vulnerable group and as result they are isolated during COVID-19.  Let us join them, visit them during this time,” expressed President Remengesau.

Because Palau has no cases of COVID-19 and bolstered by testing and close borders, President Remengesau encouraged citizens to take time to visit, to join the senior citizens during this time and celebrate with them.

Some of the activities planned for the elderly include picture taking at a photo booth or listening to a live performance from Luis Kaluu. Additionally, the event is expected to garner a big crowd according to Director Klouldil confirming the attendance of a 150 guests coming from Koror, Airai, Aimeliik, and Ngeremlengui.

Lunch is provided for the guests as well as goodie bags with prizes inside.  Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs will show a short video tribute for the elderly comprised of people sending greetings to seniors this Senior Citizen’s Day.