The constant smell of open sewer that used to plague King’s Mart and Sea Passion Hotel area for decades is finally gone after a 16 feet of collapsed sewer pipe was removed and replaced.

Many of the sewer distribution lines in Koror are over 40 years old according to PPUC Chairman/CEO Greg Decherong.  The line connecting to the sewer plant in Malakal is very old and section between Sea Passion and King’s Mart had collapsed a long time ago and sewer has just been seeping beneath the ground.

“It was like a swamp down there when they finally excavated it.  The sewer flow has been disbursing in this area all this time,” added Decherong.

On April 8, a call was made to PPUC reporting sewer overflow in front of Sea Passion.  According to PPUC report, they had initially tried to flush the pipe but face obstructions of grit, gravel and boulders in the pipe.  They contracted company of Surangel& Sons Construction which had equipment to fix the problem.  Upon numerous attempts, they decided to dig up the pipe to see the problem and found that about 16 feet of the pipe had collapsed and worked to remove and replace the pipe.

The pipe is an old distribution pipe which, after the KASP project is completed, will not be used anymore.  But until the project is completed, the old sewer distribution line will remain in use.

The KASP project distribution line segment is nearly completed with exception of the line between CIP and Minato-bashi bridge and the pump station located at CIP Office area.  No firm date of completion is known at this time.