I’ve said that the Bible is filled with contradictions in a couple of articles before this one, but the truth is, it is not. What seems contradicting was but the flipside of the same coin. If I look on both side, they are different but the value is the same and they both compliment each other. Like a nickel with the face of Thomas Jefferson on the flipside is his house Monticello. Like the New Testament fulfills the Old testament, not cancel it. I think this is why Matthew is the book closest to the old testament. I’m still a student. I learned through the years that if you want to grow, teach what you want to learn. I see that when you hear yourself speaking or writing what you learned, you are learning it again by hearing them coming out of your own mouth.
When I read these lines: “A bruised reed He will not break and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out” I felt like a child that was lost, lonely and cold, but found, and wrapped in a warm blanket, embraced and comforted. “It’s okay I’m here.” This is was written by Isaiah about 700 years before Jesus was born. I wept tears of joy knowing I was loved and cared for, even before I was born. Love and Belonging is everyone’s desires. I’ve been studying the same text over and over again to understand, to perceive, and to let it integrate with my being.
The Messiah would not break someone already broken and battered; nor would He further quench a person about to have his/her remaining life and hope extinguished. A Jesus a diak el rederdii a bas el dirk kmard a chelsel, even though there’s no flames. Jesus is more than willing and ready to heal our damaged emotions, renew and restore are mental fractures. In our heart healing journey, God may not give us what we ask for but he teaches us how to live without them. And when he surprises us with something like He did in this verse, Isaiah 42:3, it didn’t mean I was not ready for it. I embraced it and cried tears of joy. I was ready.
I’m still celebrating the lesson I learned from the stripped tree that became a staff which blossomed and bore almonds in the dark room. (Numbers 17). It was a nice surprise. Even though I forgave my offenders, I didn’t understand why I was treated like an enemy. It bothered me… and my tendency to over-think and over-analyze didn’t help. Sometimes it went into hiding in the crevices of my mind, then something triggers it and the wheel starts turning. I wondered “What did I do so wrong?”
When you are wrongfully accused for something you did not do, it is not from God. It comes the Enemy.
The father of lies is described as the accuser of the brethren (Revelations 12:10). The father of lies is walking about with an army, looking to throw lies at you. But they don’t arrive like an external thought. The thoughts of deception from the enemy often sound like your own voice, as though you came up with it completely on your own. Ask the LORD to give you the gift of discernment so you don’t have to believe that these thoughts originated from your mind. This is when I learned not to be so hard on myself. Thanks be to God!

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