Spiritual Intelligence (listen to your conscience)

Paul says – “Now therefore, do not conform to the world’s pattern but be transformed by the renewing your mind.”  (Romans 12).  Renewing of my mind has been one arduous journey.   I did my best to turn every rock on the way.  Still do.  I wanted to see what’s hiding underneath each great man and woman. Spiritually Intelligent people.

Anwar Sadat, late President of Egypt once said, “He who cannot change the fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality, and will never, therefore, make any progress.” His words reflect his depth of understanding.  Like Joseph, Sadat was held in Cell 54 of the Cairo Central Prison.  It is in the prison that they developed that space between what is said or done and how to respond (or not to respond). Joseph had a sister and 11 brothers (13).  Sadat was one of the 13 brothers and sisters. I learned a lot from Anwar Sadat who renewed his mind and signed the Peace Treaty with Israel. When Jacob died, Joseph’s brothers tried to manipulate him again because of fear… Joseph responded to their fears with one of the best verse on forgiveness in Genesis 50:20-21, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many live.”

What we learn from Joseph’s life is to realize our dreams – “finding our voice”.  Someone shared with me these six phases of faith.  They are:  First, God gives you a dream for your life. Then, you have to make a decision about it. The third stage is delay, where you wait for God to work in his time. The next stage is difficulty, where God tests you. Then, you might reach a dead end, which will make you want to give up. But, in the end, God always brings you to deliverance, the final stage of his six phases of faith.

I want to focus on “delay” and “testing” phase of your faith.  Jacob anointed his son for greater things but God had to get him ready for the appointment.  First he was in a cistern where he can only look up.  Abandoned and rejected, we will go through so much trials that you find yourself wanting to throw in the towel and scream: “Who cares!?”  God cares!  I care.  We go through betrayal, accusation (being accused of something you didn’t do because they didn’t get what they wanted), then you go to prison (this is when you feel all alone and the whole world is against you.)  I’ve been there. You have been there.  We’ve all been there. Perhaps in different degrees of pain as we are all different in our responses but the pain is real.  Thank God for prisons where our characters are being developed and polished ready to live the dream. 

I read a conversation between Mrs. Sadat (Madame Jehan Sadat) and her husband:  Confronting him directly in their living quarters of the palace, she asked him, “I understand you are thinking about going to Israel. Is this correct?”


“How could you possibly do this after all you have been saying?” (He used to say, “Never, Never, Never will I shake the hand of Israeli as long as they occupied one inch of Arab soil)  

“I was wrong, and this is the right thing to do.”

“You will lose the leadership and support of the Arab world.”

“I suppose that could happen, but I don’t think it will.”

“You will lose the presidency of your country.”

“That, too, could happen.”

“You’ll lose your life. (and we know he did, to an assassin’s bullet).

He responded:  “My life is ordained.  It will not be one minute longer or one minute shorter than it was ordained to be.”

Spiritual Intelligence is developed through delays and tests.

When President Sadat returned from Israel, the route from the airport to the palace that usually take 30 minutes, took over three hours with people cheering him for doing the right thing. 

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