If Palau is a color, then it will probably look like a rainbow. It cannot just reflect a single color as it has many faces and is very diverse especially when it comes to culture.

Last May 4, audiences of the “My Culture, My Lifestyle” cultural showcase launched by the Palau High School (PHS) Theatre and Arts Club had a glimpse of the different cultural performances that represent the nationalities existing in Palau.

PHS Theatre and Arts Club Adviser Rochelle Rivera Thomas said in an interview with Island Times that the event was the first cultural show that PHS had. This is also the first year of the club, she added.

“Palau is a small island but Palauans really give importance to our culture,” Thomas said, adding that the program also serves as a platform for students to showcase their talents through cultural presentations especially that “kids nowadays are not very traditional anymore.”

Among the performances that were showcased during the event were the Philippines’ Pandanggo sa Ilaw and Tinikling, Thailand’s traditional dance, American Pop song and Hiphop dance, and Taiwan’s popular “Techno Prince”, a traditional Taiwan folk dance performance that is combined with the modern pop music, among others.

The Taiwan Embassy, according to Thomas, had also sponsored the Techno Prince performance of PHS’ Mandarin class which the embassy is supporting.

“This is a fund-raising and promotion of the club because the club just started this year and it’s starting with zero fund so that’s why we try to put and invite other performers. [W]e [also] wanted to showcase the talent of the students and to promote that there is now a Theatre and Arts Club in Palau,” Thomas said.

PHS has also invited students from other schools to perform in the event such as the Koror Elementary School, Belau Modekngei High School and other performers representing the Filipino Community, the Taiwan Embassy, and Thailand.

Of course, the night was never complete without the Palauan music and other Palauan traditional performances uplifting the jolly vibes of the event.

It was plain to see that the event had surpassed its main objectives since through it, the audience had gained cultural understanding and respect for the differences.

“It’s our first time. I’m proud that all the students managed to pull it off,” Thomas shared. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)