This semester Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) cooperated with all public elementary schools in Koror to provide a series of basic Mandarin classes to Koror Elementary School 8th grade, G.B.Harris Elementary School 8th grade ,and Meyungs Elementary School 7th grade students from October 11th, 2021. All 131 students joined this course.

It is well known there are many benefits to learn foreign language, such as to see the world, boost your confidence, and gain perspective, etc. As the first Mandarin class for elementary school students, teacher Tunghsueh, Chen designed a short-term course with various kinds of activities to arouse students’ foreign language learning-interest. Additionally, every student has learned by a lot of listening and speaking practicing in order to let students feel confident to speak in actual situation.

In this short-term course, students started to learn from 4 Tones and used Mandarin number 1-10 to consolidate the foundation of pronunciation. Besides, they have learned greeting and do self-introduction, and use “Nǐ ne?” (And you?) to do short conversation. As for the participating students, they think the classes were very fun and useful, and they are happy that they were able to learn a different language. Furthermore, they would like to continue to learn Mandarin more.

Upon all cooperation and coordination, our most sincere gratitude and we hope that we continue our partnership in giving students opportunity in preparing them to become successful citizen not only to the Palau community but the world as well.

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