On January 05 (Tuesday), members of the Society of Historians and members of the Palau Cultural and Historical Advisory Board were able to make a one-day visit to Peleliu to visit their fellow colleagues Mr. Smau Amalei Ngirngesang, Mr. Tangerkoi Hesus, and to visit and clean the Omucheltekoi sacred cultural site in Peleliu.

The Governor of Peleliu State, the Honorable Temmy Shmull greeted everyone and was able to join the group for the entire day at Omucheltekoi while the MCCA staff cleaned the area.

Minister Balklai Temengil-Chilton and MCCA Directors Melson Miko, Sunny Ngirmang, Klouldil Singeo, and Yalap Yalap with staff from the Bureau of Youth, Applied Arts and Career, Bureau of Cultural and Historical Preservation, Bureau of Aging, Gender, and Disability, and the Bureau of National Archives and Research as well as Director Pia Morei of the Belau National Museum and Ms. Marcy Andrew of the Palau National Olympic Committee and staff successfully cleared the site from overgrown trees, vines, and grass to expose the limestone platform. The limestone platform is still intact after WWII. The spirit house for Ngirabeliliou is located near the platform. A sacred tree called Barsekesau, still stands and was said that demigods would be sitting on the branches arguing on who is the strongest.

Minister Baklai Temengil-Chilton would like to thank Governor Shmull and the Peleliu State Government and its people for

Llecheklel a Orachel Pictograph Cave on Ulong Island

welcoming everyone to their state and allowing the staff of MCCA to clean the site and conduct a short tour before departing to Koror. This trip was made possible by the support and funding of the U.S. National Park Service, Department of the Interior.

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