NHI covers health check up outside

The Medical City, Philippines is welcoming clientele from Palau back after nearly 3 years of closure due to COVId-19 restrictions.

The first scheduled Palau-Manila flight is set for April 1st, once again providing Palauans direct access to Philippines medical services as well as tourism and business activities.

Ms. Raquel Ramos, Referral Manager of Medical City, the Philippines who is on island to promote medical referral services to Medical City said that “while so much changes especially in the area of healthcare have happened, brought about by COVID-19, The Medical City network of hospitals have established a new landscape in how care is delivered but with the same standards and same commitment to the patients.  We deliver care under applicable government regulations – we require proof of vaccination and negative antigen test within 24 hours. We enjoin patients to observe safety protocols such as handwashing and wearing of face mask.”

A person insured under the Palau National Health Insurance is eligible for one preventive health care exam with maximum NHI coverage of up to $500.  Any other costs above this amount will be paid out of pocket by the requesting insurance member.

Preventive health care exam from outside of Palau is allowed but only with approved providers and persons wishing to have off-island preventive care must contact HCF Office for information.

The coverage for preventive health care does not include airfare, accommodation and/or meals.

A preventive health care exam locally can be obtained at the Belau National Hospital.  According to Health Care Fund website, they are still working with private clinics for preventive health care services.

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