An agriculture fair has been set for next month, July 14, 2023, at BOA Compound in Ngchesar State, themed, “Mekerulii a Kelel a Klukuk”, which translates to “growing food for tomorrow.”

Once again, the event features various farmed land and marine products.  Sixteen states will be participating, including Non-governmental organizations and groups.  Products to be sold and showcased include farm produce like taro, fruits, and seedlings as well as farm animals like ducks, pigs, and chicks.  There will be plant competition, such as bananas, taro (ngesuas), and sweet potatoes.

For marine products, clams and clams seedlings, and fish products from BOFI.

Prizes offered include a piglet, Merry Tiller, and a clam cage with seedlings.

The activity aims to encourage food production through farm and marine products.

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