Twenty-three of the twenty-four proposed amendments to the Aimeliik State Constitution failed to garner the simple majority of votes needed to amend the 40 years old constitution.  Election to adopt the proposed amendments was held on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

According to unofficial results, only Article IV Section 3(a) passed with 124 yes and 79 no votes.  The section amends the process whereby the governor can declare a vacancy when a legislature seat becomes vacant and 180 days still remain in the term.

All other 23 amendments did not make it.  Some of the amendments include change in the order of the chiefs of Ngarkeai, increasing the required number of bill readings from 2 to 3 readings, requiring legislature approval of governor appointees to commissions, boards and authorities created by law and amending state election law requiring votes be cast in Palau to be valid in state elections.

Twenty-three (23) percent of the total registered voters cast their votes during this election.  Total votes cast was 199, with 100 at central, 92 at proper and 7 absentees.  Total registered voters of the states, according to the latest list from the Election Commission is 835. 

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